Course on Flexible Human-AI Interaction at the Interdisciplinary College 2022

A Mini Online Lecture Series on Human-AI Interaction Header slide for the flexible human-ai interaction course at the Interdisciplinary College 2022. I was very happy to be asked to deliver a mini-online lecture series on “flexible” (the focus topic of the year for IK 2022) human-ai interaction. The course highlighted a range of selected topics from the CSC8611 module “Human-Artificial Intelligence (AI) Interaction & Futures” as it was delivered at Newcastle University - together with Yu Guan as a Co-Lecturer - in 2021 (as part of the new MSc in HCI programme), which in turn built on many underlying resources and related works (with the HAII@CMU module by Haiyi Zhu and Steven Wu; formerly by Chinmay Kulkarni and Beth Kery being a key component).