Full Group Page

This page lists the research groups I was lucky enough to be able to work with in managing capacity to date.

2021 - today: Digital Health Applications & Data Analytics Groups at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital Health and Prevention

Programme Line 2: Data analysis and modelling for assessment, prediction and personalisation

Co-Investigators: Dr. Dieter Hayn, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dr. Mahdi Sareban

Group members:

Marlene Brunner, BSc (Intern & Master Student)

Sebastian Gruber, BSc, MSc (PhD Student & Researcher)

David Haag, MSc (PhD Student & Researcher)

Dr. Devender Kumar (Postdoc in Data Science)

Fabian Wiesmüller, MSc (PhD Student & Researcher)

Furhter associated members:

Dr. rer. nat. Barbara Mayr, BSc, MSc (Postdoc Researcher)

Programme Line 4: Technology-assisted interventions for behaviour change

Co-Investigators: Prof. Rik Crutzen, FH-Prof. Dr. Hilmar Linder, Ass.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Meschtscherjakov

Alireza Fatehi, BSc (Research Software Engineer)

Isabel Höppchen, MSc (PhD Candidate & Researcher)

Pavithren Pakianathan, M. Eng. (PhD Student & Researcher)

Eva-Maria Strumegger, BSc (Junior Developer)

Dionysios Veikoum, BSc (Research Assistant & Master Student)

Mag. Dr. Daniela Wurhofer, Bakk. techn. (Postdoc Researcher)

Former Programme Line 2 and 4 members:

Dr.-Ing. Dmitry Alexandrovsky (Postdoc Researcher)

Maximilian Beck, MSc (Researcher)

Magdalena Maislinger, BSc, MSc (Research Assistant & Master Student)

See https://dhp.lbg.ac.at/en/content/team for a full listing of the members of the LBI-DHP.

2019 - 2021: Digital Health Cluster at Open Lab, Newcastle University

This page lists all former fully associated members of the cluster.

Colin Bone Dodds
Research Engineer
Alex Bowyer
Doctoral Trainee
Arlind Reuter
Doctoral Trainee
Drew Miley
Former Member
Farzaneh Farhadi
Former Member
Hazel Dixon
Doctoral Trainee
Irina Pavlovskaya
Doctoral Trainee
Jack Holt
Doctoral Trainee
Jay Rainey
Research Associate
Kieran Cutting
Doctoral Trainee
Remco B. De Grave
Doctoral Trainee
Ridita Ali
Research Associate
Rosanna Bellini
Doctoral Trainee
Viana Nijia Zhang
Doctoral Trainee
David Verweij
Research Engineer