Motivational Effects of a Gamified Training Analysis Interface


Physical exercising is important; yet, many people have difficulties in finding the motivation to do exercise on a regular basis. This paper investigates a combination of two current approaches to increase motivation: quantified self tools and gamification. Quantified self means using technology to provide detailed quantitative measures of user performance, which can motivate one to set, and aim to achieve, specific goals. Gamification adds game elements and game-like reward systems that can help to increase motivation by providing regular positive feedback. While we are not the first to address physical exercising with gamification, this work investigates the combination of both approaches in a specific application area: electronic muscle stimulation training. The results of a first user study with 8 participants over 2 weeks indicate that there is a strong positive effect of combining both approaches in terms of intrinsic motivation and emotional valence and that this area is a worthy candidate for further study.

Mensch & Computer 2014 - Workshopband