Interaction design

Human-AI Interaction

Exploring the impact of working with systems that are adaptive, learning, or produce output that is difficult to predict, as traditional interaction design paradigms are challenged.

Course on Flexible Human-AI Interaction at the Interdisciplinary College 2022

A Mini Online Lecture Series on Human-AI Interaction Header slide for the flexible human-ai interaction course at the Interdisciplinary College 2022. I was very happy to be asked to deliver a mini-online lecture series on “flexible” (the focus topic of the year for IK 2022) human-ai interaction. The course highlighted a range of selected topics from the CSC8611 module “Human-Artificial Intelligence (AI) Interaction & Futures” as it was delivered at Newcastle University - together with Yu Guan as a Co-Lecturer - in 2021 (as part of the new MSc in HCI programme), which in turn built on many underlying resources and related works (with the HAII@CMU module by Haiyi Zhu and Steven Wu; formerly by Chinmay Kulkarni and Beth Kery being a key component).