The First-Ever Science Jam at CHI 2018: A Hands-On Learning, Rapid Researching and Networking Event

TL;DR: There was a Science Jam for the first time at CHI this year. Fitting with the CHI 2018 motto “engage with CHI” the event offered a rapid learning and research prototyping experience. Teams of participants that formed on the spot developed research from concept to early outcome presentations over the course of just two days. Due to a wide array of support materials, an accompanying crash course in Research Methods in HCI, and most importantly thanks to the support of an all-star team of mentors, the participants were enabled to make the Science Jam a great success.

Science Jam

48 hours to go from zero to poster. The idea of the Science Jam is to apply the principle of game jams and hackathons to the rapid conceptualization, execution, and analysis of small-scale experiments, studies, or other pieces of research that can provide exploratory evidence or function as a pilots for larger follow-ups.