Science Jam

48 hours to go from zero to poster. The idea of the Science Jam is to apply the principle of game jams and hackathons to the rapid conceptualization, execution, and analysis of small-scale experiments, studies, or other pieces of research that can provide exploratory evidence or function as a pilots for larger follow-ups.

Space Project Y

A project that investigated the potential of motion-based exergames in virtual reality, focusing on locomotion techniques and feedback.


A project on supporting individually adapted therapy with digital games. It focuses on harnessing the potential of motion-based games for health to support motivation, guidance, and feedback.


A project that aims to help students gain certifications, incomce, and employment through embedding real work tasks in online learning courses.

Spiel Dich Fit

A project on motion-based games for health for the support of physiotherapy and rehabilitation for older adults.


An early project exploring the applicability of exergames for supporting physiotherapy for people living with Parkinson’s.