Space Project Y

Space Project Y (SPY) was a student-led project about creating a motion-based exergame in virtual reality.

Project Outline

S. P. Y is a sci-fi Virtual Reality exergame (a motion-based game including physical exercises) which helps treating and preventing back pain. It is being developed by a group of 14 students as a master project in Digital Media at the University of Bremen in the winter semester 20162017 in cooperation with the University of the Arts Bremen. By incorporating exercises in the game it supports back training as well as general movement while having fun.

Game Summary

In the game, the player is assuming the role of a spy working for the intergalactic, top secret enterprise “Space Project Y” (S. P. Y), that specializes in infiltrating alien cultures. He does so by wearing a special space suit that makes him look like one of the aliens - as long as he mimics the aliens movement and behaviour. The player moves through the virtual world by moving in the real world using up-to-date virtual reality technology, greatly improving on the immersion. Moreover all exercises used in the game have been discussed with a physio therapist in order to faciliate an optimal training for the back.

Screenshots of the VR-Exergame SPY.

Screenshots of the VR-Exergame SPY.

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